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Welcome from Florin SUCIU

Hi, My name is Florin SUCIU

and my problem is : What can I do for you ?

FLORIN SUCIU Berlaymont 3

I’m European Union Projects Business Consultant and Manager

And let me tell you this : The EU projects are the most regulated ones on the international financial market!…

We at STAS, LLC USA will focus on bringing a “fresh approach” in Investments and banking industry in the troubled american markets run by big dinosaurs and

with no “care for the people or business” only for the “money”!

“Frack” all the ones who think they control all the money! they don’t, anymore! 

our vault bank

We know that the future is not any long based on the “past experiences” and ” spread sheets” when all these brought so many problems in recent past to everybody. Lets face this  truth about the “money flow control” : there is no way for a decent business to get them in their hands!

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A business man in Las Vegas a time ago told to one interested developer and thinker this: Instead on investing a little now in you , I’ll buy you in a year for ten times more ! This what is America now : let others to do all the work and come later and by them out! Don’t pray for that anymore ! They just want to steal the idea and try to do it later by themselves!

please please

We think that the development of the technology and society itself is based on “intelligent and devoted people ” with opportunities of conclude themselves.

All the rest, is just what I call, “zuchersmanism” – or a lie nice warped and “faces on the screen” to do their “Hollywood part ” in from of another “zuckesmans or wanna be ones”.

I personally develop an ancient version of “Facebook” in my project “Cybermentor” 10 years before this buffoon… and other like me did the same all the time.

Usually for this “zukersmans” takes 6 to 10 years to ” re-discover the warm water …” and suddenly a very far far ant let them 100 millions to do that … How convenient… They left college ( becose they can’t finish it) they start working in a garage … like 60 store building with 2,000 employees  … Who buy that anymore?  You can have this no longer in the worst movies in Bollywood …

This is no longer “The American dream! is The American lie!” …but lets get back to why we are here”



So dear developers and thinkers and improvers – lets us help you with whatever we can!

All my best and be sure that there is a solution for any investment or project you have. Just ask for help and, most important, accepted !!



The steps of developing a

strong eCommerce site

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1. Starting  – Creating your online presence

From web design, branding and digital strategy to hosting, your proposition and market reviewing, this section of eSeller takes you from “We should be online” to “We’re online!”.


2. Promoting – How to market your product and site

In this section we focus upon acquiring customers’ attention – whether converting your current customers to online devotees, or attracting new customers via the web. It’s all about building the customer base that fuels your top line turnover.


3. Selling – Getting your products on the web

Managing a ‘selling website’ requires product information, inventory management, product feeds, order management and supplier management, all working in harmony. This section focuses upon solving the challenges of selling your products efficiently and scaling to enterprise levels.


4. Delivering – Getting your products to the customer

From the moment a customer adds an item to a basket and checks out, the machinery of ecommerce kicks in: payment and fraud management, order management, pick-pack-despatch, warehousing, logistics and distribution. Sadly, not all orders or customers are perfect, so read on for insight into customer service, complaint management and returns (or reverse logistics).


5. Retain – Keeping your customers happy and coming back for more

Making a sale is a cause for cheer, but for online retailers true satisfaction comes from making repeated sales to customers over time. In this section we consider customer retention: follow-up marketing, segmentation, campaign development and the gamut of customer relationship management.


6. Expand – How to grow your business

In this section we show you how to build upon your online selling to add in the best of store and multichannel (click and collect, in-store inventory, store guides, enhanced point of sale and staff training), mobile (both as a sales channel and to support the store and information gathering) and international growth.

12 Mistakes when you sell your Co.

When you wanna,

need or must sell your company,

Don’t pray …. Ask for help!

please please

The big dozen mistake you can make

when you sell your company are:

1- maintain your expectation beyond fair market value
2- allow emotions to drive your decisions
3- go on negotiation as ” Lone ranger ” style 
4- take of your eye of the finish line – the final sale
5- go to market uncommitted – I invested my life and my blood …
6- use a business broker – has no history with the business, just objective 
7- wait to long to sell – you can’t raid a dead horse …
8- treat confidentiality lightly – your awareness is maybe only your secrets
9- sell to a competitor – at the first sign start negotiating with them
10- ignore the importance of a CPA prepared financed papers 
11- don’t clean up your room – nobody gives a sh… On your mess 
12- keep the wrong people on the bus – too much history lead to insubordinate 

Call Jack becose he has no mercy for you and your buyer!


Hello world!

Welcome to STAS, LLC official site!


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Starting from now you can be sure that there is somebody who knows,

cares and does all what you need (if you are honest with us and your actions are legal ones!).

We are looking to find the right way for your need to move from dreams to projects!

You are in the middle of finding the right question to work for the right answer?

your question

All we want is just a little Love and We will bring the future to you!